ALS Packaging Solutions

designs, engineers, manufactures and sells filling and closing machines for liquid products and cream as well as powder and granule products

Specialists in the fields of Pharmaceutical / Bio medical and Cosmetics / Personal care
with over 20 years of experience, we provide solutions that offer the highest tranquility of production and operation, with high quality finishes also for other sectors where they are used as, for example, S
upplements, Chemistry and Industrial oils.

Filling machines for

Filling machines for

Filling machines for

Filling machines for

Thanks to the internal technical departments of: planning, design, automation, assembly and testing,
we offer a complete and personalized service, from the study to the commissioning at the customer, guaranteeing efficiency and quality of the machine and service.
Quality is born from the project and proceeds with the purchase of first-level components and experts to assembly and test. for this, each our machine is guaranteed for two “2” years.

The machines can:
be equipped with the most advanced packaging technologies, force control for capping, quantity control with precisions even of 0.01% … to meet every specific need, work with liquid, suspended, viscous and creams, sometimes solid or granules or dust.
To work and manipulate plastic, glass or metal containers of any shape and size, even composed of several elements to be composed in sequence.

We also supply complete lines of the following options: start and end of the line, accumulators and packaging, as well as with labeling or marking machines, and quality controls with camera or weight with automatic waste and finally certification of the check carried out referring to filling, capping, labels , marking and seals.