ALS, machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Supplements industries

Small rotary machine with step

Intermittent rotary machine filling and capping both bottles and jars.
Can be equipped with two nozzles – Production max up 1200 pcs/h

Intermittent machine for filling and capping both bottles and jars. The machine can be equipped with volumetric dosers, massive or magnetic meters.
Filling stations can be at most two, a manual or automatic loading station of the CAP and a station equipped with pneumatic motor for the tightening of the screw cap.
The machine may have a tape for loading and unloading cargo containers or a small lung and a tray for the discharge of the packaged product.
The machine is extremely simple both for everyday works as well for maintenance. Extremely fast also the format change.


Stainless steel structure
Feeding bottles with star step-by-step
Double filling station
Dose adjustment by micrometric (volumetric) or directly from the operator’s Panel (mass or magnetic meters)
230V single phase
6 Bar air supply
Production max 1000 pieces per hour
Workable diameter 80 mm