ALS, machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Supplements industries


Up to 240pcs/m for 10ml, Rotary High Performance Machine.
Hourly productivity and work continuity.

High Performance Rotary Machine – Up to 240pcs/m for 10ml.
Volumetric dosing via dosers suitable for the type of product to be treated.

The bottles, small bottles, or vials, coming from the automatic loading by a conveyor belt, are acquired by the auger for filling by means of dosers suitable for the type of product. Then, the bottles through several mechanically interconnected starwill are capped with the various types of necessary closures (caps and overcaps, screw caps or pressur caps).

Hercules, is a series of rotary machines equipped with all the most sophisticated controls to guarantee a high quality production (different kind of sensors and where is necessary also cameras) in every single area/work’s phase, both the with the quantity control for the filling area or the force check and capping torque control, and the correct sealing of the cap for the capping area.


Multiple filling system, fast and accurate.
GMP Standard.
Pressure or motorized closing systems. Fills from 1ml to 100ml. Filling points: as many as needed Speed pcs / m adequate to the needs. Ex. max for 10ml 240pcs / m.
Technical customization available
Sturdy stainless steel frame
Volumetric dosing via dosers suitable for the type of product to be treated
Incorrect automatic bottle check / reject
Protective hood in stainless steel with safety sensors on the doors
Extremely silent operation in full compliance with noise pollution standards.