ALS, machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Supplements industries


HYDRUS are one type of machines, rightfully present in the exclusive list of the specialist machines.

Eukaryotic and prokaryotic growing cells automatic machines
Filling, closing and cooling solid or liquid culture in medium plates

Hydrus is a machine that is a complete line to, filling, closing and cooling solid or liquid culture medium plates, containing nutrients on which eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells can be grown.
The machine is complete of a pick-up system from columns and conveyor belt on parallel tracks.
The plates, for the automatic filling phase coming directly from the initial load columns.
Once filled up, they move through the conveyor belt for cooling and solidification of the culture terrain.


Multiple filling system, fast and accurate. Optional cooling system along the line. Closing system as agreed with the customer request.
Fillings from 1ml to what is needed. Filling points: standard 3 or on request Speed ​​pcs / m 33.
Technical customization available
Sturdy stainless steel frame
Advancement by conveyor belt
Volumetric dosing by peristaltic pump
Check for presence of inlet plates
Loading unit Plates from columns and unloading on conveyor
Protective hood in stainless steel with safety sensors on the doors
Extremely silent operation in full compliance with noise pollution standards.