Máquinas para la industria Farmacéutica, Cosmética y Complementos Alimenticios


The filling and Sealing machine for strips

Single doses – strips by automatic filling and sealing machine.
Safety laminar flow never interrupted, also, above the individual doses

The PAVO model machine is a monoblock for treating with filling and sealing of 0.3 and 0.6 ml single doses in strips.
The strips are manually loaded onto a loading channel to go automatically with stepwise advancement to the subsequent steps for the various processing stages. The first phase is the filling area, where N ° 5 dosing nozzles filling simultaneously through a time-pressure system, immediately after there is the sealing area that is made by N. 3 heating pincers groups that heat the end of every single-dose. (For the maximum safety of a well-made job, ever).
The final cooling unit for the welded area with forming pliers, to give shape and appearance to all the strips always the same and to be ready for the automatic unloading by the conveyor belt.
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and supplement industries, are its natural place to be applied.


Caliper groups operated individually by pneumatic pistons.
Separate management of the temperatures of the heating pliers.
Contact strip heating system on several consecutive stations.
Clamp cooling circuit with predisposition for connection to the cooling line (chiller excluded)
Single-dose multiple filling system, fast and accurate, suitable for any type of filling.
Fills ml. From 0.6 to 10ml Filling points: standard 5 or upon request Speed pc / m 25 strip.
Possibility of technical customization.
Sturdy stainless steel frame.
Volumetric dosing time / pressure.
Entrance presence check.
Group for belt loading from chute and unloading on belt.
Stainless steel protective hood with safety sensors on the doors.
Extremely silent operation in full compliance with the regulations on noise pollution.