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Double index machine specific for processing test tubes

Double index machine specific for test-tubes processing
From 0.3ml to 10ml Filling Speed ​​33 pcs/m.

The previously closed and sterilized tubes are automatically loaded into the machine by a circular vibrator.

In the “Vela” workstation the following operations are performed:
opening of the test tube, filling it by means of a peristaltic pump and final closing.

The machine is equipped with a screw cap tightening torque control.

At the exit through a pick & place system, the tubes are unloaded and the ones to be discarded are selected.


Multiple filling system, fast and accurate Optional cooling system Multiple filling system, fast and accurate. Opening and closing system by means of motors with torque control.
Fillings in ml. From 0.3ml to 10ml. Filling points: standard 2 Speed ​​pcs / m 33.
Technical customization available
Sturdy stainless steel frame
Half star feed
Volumetric dosing by peristaltic pump
Check for the presence of inlet tubes
Protective hood in stainless steel with safety sensors on the doors.
Extremely silent operation in full compliance with noise pollution standards.