ALS, machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Supplements industries

Step Rotary machine

Filling and closing machine be equipped of two
or more transfer rides.
It field of use is, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products, requiring greater accuracy and verification of various activities, from weight control to the control of the closing force as control printing bar code and its system of gap in the event of non-compliance.

Specific micro-dosage series for diagnostics.
Very low weight tolerance.
Excellent versatility for other applications

Step rotary pharmaceutical machine
Fills: from 0.2ml to 20ml
Filling points: max 4
Speed: up to 60 pieces / min.
Available: capping with torque control, check weight check online, head of labeling, automatic exclusion system Non-compliant product
Available: technical customization
Equipment available for closing caps torque control, weight control, automatic reject or signaling.