ALS, machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Supplements industries

Rotary machine

Extremely versatile filling and capping machine, with capacities from 1 to 2000I
production available from 500 to 6000 pcs / h.

Automatic filling and capping machine volumetric precision system is extremely flexible, as expected from 1 to 8 syringes with capacity from 1ml to 2000 mI. with production from 500 to 6000 PCs/h.
The machine can be used with various kinds of products:
liquids, slurries and liquid with plastic bottles, glass or metal.
Chemical-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry circular machine model PEGASUS is optimal use as it allows a rapid and accurate filling of the bottles, suitable for all types of bottle and product.


Sturdy stainless steel frame
Feeding bottles, by star step-by-step
Volumetric progressive independent stations
Check incoming bottles
Group 1 to 8 stainless steel syringes, Teflon and glass
Cap feeding vibration system
Speed adjustable by inverter
Capping system with heads of various types of system to: edgebandering machine, Edge Bander, screwing machine, wrench, thread cutter crimper.
Loading and unloading group bottles according to customer requirements
Anodised aluminium or stainless steel protective cover with safety sensors
Extremely quiet solution with maximum compliance with noise pollution with the use of interconnected cam
Rapid format change
Very open system to allow the use of different sizes, shapes and abilities, thanks to the versatility of the star which allows using different bottles without touching the filling and capping apparels